Ramblings of an incandescent mind …


I want to write but I don’t know where to begin …

So let’s start by saying this – What can come of this life, a mirage , a foundry of illusions ?  I am at a point in life where I discovered the true nature of the world. As all my naïve guileless paradigms of the society withered away and a foot tapping Mr. Realization removed the rose-tinted glasses and flicked them away, I guess it was high time I acknowledged the truth. Even Dorothy had to admit that the wizard of Oz was just an old geezer!

Now that it has been clearly established that life’s all about cooped up geriatrics handing out heads full of bran, pins and needles and sawdust filled hearts, it is time I start sewing my own green silk balloon just for it to be blown away.

“Halt! All is not lost yet …. The silver shoes !!” Pants a silhouette of Glinda Hope , slowly coming in full view. And then it dawns on me –  ‘ Oh! The Silver Shoes !!’ I looked at my feet and saw – I had them all along ! The answer was in plain sight . All the colourful fantasies had blinded me from the answer, that lay, right at my feet!! Like Dorthy most of us tend to forget that the power to make our changes is in our own hands – or feet in this case. The sooner we see this, the earlier can we harness the magic. With this incandescent knowledge in my mind, I clicked my heels and walked back home (mind you I had sneakers and not those fancy stilettos otherwise I’d just hire a cab!!).

Oh, and yes, my mind is currently incandescent – because my arse is on fire !!!



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