Random acts of kindness


That was me whacking my note book shut ! I’ve had enough – slouching in front of my computer, analysing data only to have deleted it at the end of the day!!
So, when with one click of a button, my whole world came crashing down and the horror of the blasphemy dawned on me – I accepted the fact – I am brain dead! Time to call it a day.

Still reeling in shock, I get up, zipped my bag.
Jacket -checked.
Wallet- checked.
Phone- checked
I swung my bag over my shoulder and stormed off into the corridor. While trudging towards the station, I tried to find some solace on my smart phone – FACEBOOK ! As I scrolled down browsing through irrelevant news feed ( annoying posts resembling the chirping of crickets, never stop) trying to find some hope -that I wasn’t alone in this dreadful world and terrifying things did indeed happen to other people- that’s when it happened!!

Now imagine, a small person hunched over their phone, walking hurriedly on the street and suddenly bangs into a pole- that’s exactly how it felt at the first impact !

I was another casualty claimed by this horrendous crime. While walking hurriedly , ignoring the real world for the fake cyber world , a random stranger, a tall burly man with very blue eyes stopped me and said, ” Excuse me, but has anyone told you that you look beautiful today! I wish you a fantastic week.” Oh dear, it was true , I was another VICTIM- a victim of random act of kindness.

Stunned speechless -was my reaction at this gesture, which jolted me back to reality! But I quickly managed to gather myself ( I was in the middle of the road and now was probably not a good time to look stupid with my jaw partially suspended ) and thanked the kind gentleman for his words and wished him best.

As I walked away, slowly absorbing the incident, I thought, maybe, it was not such a bad day after all!

As I sit in in the train typing this post on my phone and smiling to myself , people eye me suspiciously. And I cannot help but think of how this serendipity reminded me of my dog – I just can’t possibly fathom why!!’



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  2. litadoolan · September 21, 2014

    Lovely twist! ;-D


  3. lifeconfusions · September 26, 2014

    Wow, it makes me wanna do this to people more often (I may get slapped here and there but eh it’s worth it 😀 lol )
    That line made my heart flutter ” Excuse me, but has anyone told you that you look beautiful today! I wish you a fantastic week.” ^.^


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