Emerald darkness

Halloween special!! My first attempt at some serious fiction, I hope you enjoy it!


The smell of the damp night laden with malice stung her nostrils.

She found herself crouching on the asphalt of a dark alley surrounded by skyscrapers with eerily gouged windows. Before her mind could comprehend the fix she was plunged in, a terrifying unearthly scream iced the night air. Peering out from the corner of her adrumbal haven, like a hypnotised prey she stared, transfixed by the spectacle unravelling beneath the lamp post. On the ground lay a mangled form- now motionless, soulless in a nebulous pool of death. Unbelieving, wrinkled wide eyes stared blank with fear and mouth open was frozen mid scream; the horrific expression of the petrified face in the ground sent chills down her spine while the ferrous stench of blood, mingled with the curse of ungratified savages and burned inside her making her tremble.

Rising above the corpse, like a haunting melody, stood a towering silhouette; a formidable presence against the pitch melancholy of the night enfolding a lethal blade dripping lifeblood. Licking the last silvery drops of the shimmering soul off her blood-red lips she contemptously murmured, ” It would have been a lot easier for you if you had just agreed to give me your youth. Now you are too many pieces of far too old.” The juvenescent vixen threw her long dark haired head back and laughed maniacally; the resounding cackle heard by those six feet under. A gash across her tilted right cheek, the only corporeal feature against the marble of her skin, was illuminated under the light.

Without warning she stopped and abruptly spun around – the baleful lance clutched close to her bosom as the bright green eyes pierced into the darkness of the shadows. She sniffed the air like a hunting wolf while her eyes, fixed at the alley, blazed with predatory ravenousness, ready to strike its prey. “Aha, who have we here, another prize! Come out of the darkness darling.” She hissed, her voice letting escape the baseness of her soul. With a loud metallic clank of her heel, echoing against the deafening silence of the murk, she took a step towards the alley.

Back in the shadows, she stumbled back, moving closer to the heart of the murk, trying to make herself unseen. Terror filled her mind and fearful tears streamed down her cheeks while she scurried to get away from the advancing threat. Out of no where she found her back pushing against a wall- surrounded. No! she pounded with her fists against the wall, she was too young to die. No, not like this – it was far too soon. She didnt ask for this!! With her heart throbbing in her ears she tried to erode the walls with her hands. She whimpered in pain as her fingers bled and knees grazed, but she continued scraping in vain at the unrelenting fortification trying to find escape. The long black shadow of the medusa advanced, engulfing her little crouched form with its cold. She turned around, her lower lip quivering with fear. “Please- no, please … I beg you.. Please..” The words failed to leave her mouth and her throat dried as she gaped, her mouth hanging half open, as the face of the peril came into view. The moment her terrified gaze locked with the emerald stare, she found herself being violently sucked into a swift endless void.

Suddenly a shriek pierced her ears and she jerked up from the darkness in pain shielding her ears from her own voice. Blinded by the light and drenched in sweat, she shivered vigorously from the cold. She felt as if someone had plunged her head in the dreary depths of ice water refusing to let go. Breathlessly, she looked around at the covers, grasping and clutching – white knuckled- the irresolute feathery downs to affirm the resoluteness of reality. As her palms caressed the surface of the softness, relief doused over her fear parched mind. “Thank god, it was only a dream!” She whispered, her eyes filled with tears of joy at the extrication of the gloom.

Groggily pulling herself out of the warmth, she flinched as the cold sting of stone against her foot rang in her ears. Catching hold of the bedpost, she steadied herself. Once on her feet, she grabbed the vaporous fabric of her silk robe she hugged herself tighter, a flailing  attempt at retaining the quickly dissipating warmth, and walked towards the bathroom. As she leaned over the sink- slowly raising her head- she scrutinised her own reflection in the mirror that stared back at her through emerald eyes with the familiar murderous, hunting look, the red lips curving into a malicious smile.

She flung back her long dark hair, her beautiful face marred by a scar, and laughed…..


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