So far, I’ve had the experience of enroling in two of the Blogging University courses (that too at just the right time!!) for allowing novice bloggers to ease into blogging. Well, I thoroughly loved the community atmosphere – the feedback and all the new bonds with other bloggers, I never imagined I’d ever have! But with the conclusion of Blogging 201 fast approaching, I felt a sense of panic rising in my heart! What would I do without the community? Everyday I discovered these new fantastic blogs at an alarming rate – my world will come to a stand still – no longer ‘desserted’ !! The feeling was similar to the feeling of impending homelessness!! Chaos filed my mind, and as is obvious, I made a imprudent panic driven  decision on the spur of the pandemoniac moment – I signed up for the NaPoBloMo! This basically means I’ll be blabbering blogging everyday non-stop for the next 30 days !!! Why didnt I think it thorugh? *bangs head on the wall*

As with all my decisions, it turns out November has approached much faster than I anticipated and errr… I am cornered ! *gulps* . And when I get the cornered feeling I get verberal and conceptional constipation. Stupid stupid idea !!!

Errmmm… What else can I say? I guess you’ll see a lot more of my daily rants – and waffles? o.O !!

*Shrugs her shoulders*  Keep watching this space fellers !!!

P.S. I just realised 30 days is a LOT – I’ll be needing topics – so tell me the cup of tea you’d like to have a sip of !



  1. amommasview · November 2, 2014

    Just blog about whatever comes to your mind. Even if it is cleaning, cooking… not cleaning… not cooking… liking something… dentist appointment… there are so many things happening constantly and we have so many thoughts about them. It’s all about getting them on paper…


    • Evolving ruminations · November 2, 2014

      Hehe ! Thanks a ton – I’d definitely like to talk about cleaning and – not cleaning 😀 I agree its true lots of things happen in life – will try not to have a single tracked mind – and not be a scatter brain 😀 !! Hopefully I’ll keep my readers entertained 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. listentothebabe · November 2, 2014

    breathe. we have the bloggers network page in case you run into spider webs…


  3. MillarDKits · November 2, 2014

    I’d say you have enough voices running around in your head to offer you suggestions already ;-} , but I’ll let you know if I think of any.


    • Evolving ruminations · November 2, 2014

      Hehe !! Thanks a ton ! I could also possibly do spin off posts 😀 So yeah – I need you to keep writing too 😀


  4. J · November 2, 2014

    The November prompts for NaBloPoMo is up! I signed up, too. Although I’m still looking for how I can cross-post my work from here to there. I posted the prompt on my blog (with link to the official BlogHer November prompt page)


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