Open letter – to the people of the world

“Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” – Oscar Wilde, The picture of Dorian Gray

Dear people of the world,

I hope you all are doing well ! I would like this opportunity to remind you of something I think we all  (with me leading the procession of primitive bullock – cart ideology ) tend to forget in our lives – “the world”. Ever so often we get tangled in the silken skeins of our lives such that we cannot envisage a mere thought without the relevant ‘me’ in the life-panorama. Our thoughts cease to extend beyond me and whats mine ( my family, my work , my house and my fart!). Everything associated with our fancies gets boxed up as ‘myness’ and the rest discarded in the ‘otherness’ bin.  In our quest to be better at everything, we forget the quintessential fact that beneath all this materialistic facade we are, like pearls on a string, strung on the same thread of this earthly life. In our self-centred efforts to advocate narrow-minded narcissistic benefits we fail to realise that we are destroying the beauty of that necklace of life.  We have evolved from human beings into a new generation of ‘Gollums’ yearning for their preciouses.

What I would like to illuminate here is that if we were to just stop for a breather from our race and pause to think, we would realise how pointless it really is.We need to understand that despite all our ‘gollum’ characteristics, human beings are social creatures and we cannot live a fulfilled life in the solitary confinements of the jails of our selfishness. We just need to take a moment and contemplate about the next specimen of Homo sapiens as a fellow ‘person’ before we lash out, we would realise that our differences are all merely superficial. When we truly understand, all our preconceived notions will crumple and fall away leading to a better perception of the world rather than just blindly reacting. If we were all to embrace this ruminating philosophy where we are tolerant of each others pseudo-differences, the world would be rid of quite a lot of its banes including inequality, sexism and wars to name a few. Right, enough of this self-less preaching – its time I get back to my precious waffles !!

Forever yo-yoing,

Evolving Ruminations

In response to :

Daily prompt: Literate for a Day

Someone or something you can’t communicate with through writing (a baby, a pet, an object) can understand every single word you write today, for one day only. What do you tell them? (Thanks for the suggestion, Chic Prune!)



  1. terryb · November 7, 2014

    “… we are, like pearls on a string, strung on the same thread of this earthly life.” Well said! This is a gem, no pun intended. Yes, Something we should all remind ourselves from time to time. Thanks for posting 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Evolving ruminations · November 7, 2014

      Thanks a ton ! I really appreciate it terryb 🙂 the poem I that I posted on the 5th of Nov in response to the daily prompt got me thinking and I decided to dig a bit deeper !

      Liked by 1 person

      • terryb · November 8, 2014

        I think I found the poem… I hope I find a little time today to stop and stare 🙂 and hope you do too!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Evolving ruminations · November 9, 2014

        Hehe I did indeed, in fact I spent most part of my day ‘standing and staring’ 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. lifeconfusions · November 7, 2014

    I cannot say anything else except that I agree with you a 100%. Very truly and beautifully said, Love the way you expressed it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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