Missing from action

Sorry peeps for having zoomed off into the horizon without a moments notice!! Rather (un)luckily for me , I’ve been selected for giving a talk ( at this mammoth gathering of specialist people- pretty much your usual flies gathering on fruit) especially at a time when I have absolutely nothing to present. So yeah, as is so typical of me, I saunter up to my boss and calmly thank her when she congratulates me. The moment her back is turned, I walk back to by seat trying not to break my pace. As soon as my arse hits the seat bottom, wisps of vapour start to seep out of my ears and my hair stands up like a wig of needles!! Damn – I have so much work to do and in two weeks !! * stresses* As the panic level rises, I jump up and own in my seat like a fidgety tadpole.

Unable to stay put any longer, I get up; rush to the nearest cafe, grab a big bar of chocolate ( forget paying) and force feed my self all the while mentally emphasising – ” It’s going to be okay, just eat. Eat slowly now, eat  slowly!!  Chew and munch, chew and munch – slowly” Nope, not enough – pop goes in another bar, sliding down my oesophagus into the acidic depths of my infenal stomach at lighting speed ! Panic still reigning, my head starts to spin.

Coffee , coffee  – maybe it will help! So I inject my self with a double shot of espresso. With sanity-threateningly high levels of glucose and caffeine coursing through my veins I and driven to the point of activity. The energiser bunny form of mine rushes back to the office – mind set on one goal ! Get all the data that I can in two weeks ! Flashing past people, nearly invisible, I zoom finishing one work after the other – left, right, centre – I got them all !!


Suddenly the world has come to a stand still – I realised its 10.30 p.m. and I’ve just reached home after a crazy 12 hour day – whats more – my whole week ( weekend included) has been like that !  *sudden blackout*

Slowly I open my eyes, coaxing my vision into focus. I sit up scratching my head wondering what had happened – I look around, I am in my own bedroom on my own bed in my very warm covers – then I look at the phone – My eyes pop out !!

Blimey !! 14th November already?? I had been sleeping 3 whole days ??  The PRESENTATION!!! I rocket out of the bed – getting my Flash mode on , whiz off to work …



  1. MillarDKits · November 15, 2014

    A cup of tea, you ask? Sounds like you need something stronger (but you’ve figured that out)! Good luck, and keep at it!

    Liked by 1 person

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