Helping beat cancer !

Hello my lovely followership , todays post for my NaBloPoMo will be something close to my heart – beating cancer! Having seen some of my close ones battle this monstrous disease,  I have felt quite strongly about supporting the search for a cure ever since! I am lucky enough to have friends who are working on on the forefront, trying to defeat cancer on a daily basis. Currently one of my friend (and her colleagues) works on how the enemy (skin cancer) can defy,manipulate and ultimately defeat the defending soldiers of our bodily fortress (the immune system). Looking into this, they hope to be able to identify ways to reverse/inhibit that effect and eventually stop the spread of cancer ( which causes over 90% of cancer related deaths). So promising is their work, that their lab is one of the three labs selected by Cancer Research UK for their first ever crowd-funding campaign !

Here is a snippet of their work :

If you want to know about skin cancer further, see the scientists in action, life on the other side and to see how research work click here!

They have only 30 days to reach their goal. If you are interested in helping them out, here’s the link :

Please help spread the word – every little helps.

Together we can, together we will beat cancer !


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