Mystery box

With the midnight tick of the clocks,

there appeared a box,

A bolt of light mocks,

and rippling waves shocks;

Wrapped in a sparkle and white,

bound by ribbons bright;

As she approached bewitched,

a calligraphed tag twitched;

handwritten words with care,

“Open me, if you dare.”

Her heart beat rising,

the lump in her throat sizing;

The touch of a shivering hand,

ripped wrapping lay on the sand;

The jolt of inquisitiveness,

led to an act of foolishness;

With the boom of a big bang,

history was rewritten from yin to yang

The world of the fighting brave,

snapped into a living grave

In the flash of a dropping hat,

Alas, curiosity killed the cat.

In response to Daily prompt: Mystery Box

Jurassic world and the survival of the fittest

Well the other day, I finally faced the long awaited moment – the release of that single trailer, the sole driving force of my existence: The Jurassic World trailer. With the glimpse of a sole dinosaur, I was transported back to the realms of my own Jurassic cosmos walking amongst the magnificent beasts!

Suddenly with the clap of thunder the sky darkened, shadows of terror cast upon the landscape and the puddled waters rippled… Reality slapped back but the terror still lingered. Trying to shake off the chills running down my spine, my thoughts were drawn towards the horrors of real life – if you just think about it, man on his own is a very vulnerable creature – fragile enough for a tiger to snap his neck, soft enough to be squashed by an elephant, crumbly enough to be chewed by a crocodile. Heck, even a mere docile cow is capable of killing us! *shivers* But humans still survive, our lack of physical prowess over come by the sheer power of our brains. We’ve developed artificial defences- our journey evolving from spears to knives, swords, guns, tanks, battleships and eventually fighter-planes. “Natural selection!” pipe up the Darwinians, “…it’s the survival of the fittest at play here.” continue the modern day Herbert Spencers.

Indeed they are probably right, we -humans – are shrewd calculating species capable of manipulating the world around us according to our whims. And when we don’t get things our way, we turn into devilish monsters playing god. One man gets killed by a tiger, we turn them into a game, poaching every single one of them till we wipe their species off the face of this planet. A person gets bitten by a shark, we make it our mission to haphazardly murder ever single fish with teeth. Hell, we don’t even spare our fellow specieans (I know that’s not a word but – you get what I’m feeling). To get money, power or control – to be able play god we indiscriminately butcher other human beings – that scares me even more. We are probably really the most dangerous group on the planet – a danger even to our own existence.

Tell me though, does the survival of the fittest really hold true in this case? Think about it, any one armed with a lethal weapon in that particular situation can be deemed fit but does that really fit the bigger picture? Think about it, if someone of bright intellect but below average physical competencies is cornered at gun point by a big beefy guy with slightly below average IQ. Unless the cornered person is exceptionally brilliant, there is little chance he will escape, most likely he will be killed trying to escape. Now imagine this on a global scale and all the brainiacs were to be wiped off the face off the earth – the progress of humanity will be stalled. The abyss would deepen with the genetic selection of physical prowess at the cost of lower intellect. On top of this, if we were to continue our world damaging lifestyles at the current rate, eventually we will be extinct.

However on the other hand if it was only the prodigies which were to survive, there would be some chance of us surviving. Humans would develop technology further and our brains would evolve towards increased reasoning. But come some mutant all powerful virus and we’ll be exterminated due to our weakened physical attributes.  Come to think of it in order for the survival of the fittest theory to apply, we need all sorts of mixed genetic disposition to progress further ! But will all that evolution lead  eventually us to world with a genetically superior species capable of making the humans vanish from the earth???? Or will it just lead us back to the dinosaurs once again??