Mystery box

With the midnight tick of the clocks,

there appeared a box,

A bolt of light mocks,

and rippling waves shocks;

Wrapped in a sparkle and white,

bound by ribbons bright;

As she approached bewitched,

a calligraphed tag twitched;

handwritten words with care,

“Open me, if you dare.”

Her heart beat rising,

the lump in her throat sizing;

The touch of a shivering hand,

ripped wrapping lay on the sand;

The jolt of inquisitiveness,

led to an act of foolishness;

With the boom of a big bang,

history was rewritten from yin to yang

The world of the fighting brave,

snapped into a living grave

In the flash of a dropping hat,

Alas, curiosity killed the cat.

In response to Daily prompt: Mystery Box


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