Is new year such a really big deal?

This year was the first time in my life when I actually experienced a laid back NYE. To be honest, I wasn’t pleased with the idea at all but when the time came, I realised that I did quite enjoy spending quality time with people who really matter.

Next morning, while still revelling in the fluffy feeling, I made the mistake of opening my Facebook page. In an instant my computer screen was flooded with posts of people celebrating amidst random strangers, wishing 2014 goodbye as if it was a dearly loved friend and posting up their resolutions/expectations for the coming new year.

All this barrage of unwanted information got me thinking, is new year really that big a deal?? I mean if you want to party, do you really need a reason such as a new year? Or do you really need to wait till the beginning of a new year to decide a new model-self that you resolve to be ( only to break it two days later!). Is the new year really a new beginning? Why should our lives be ruled by the calenders – that’s not what they were invented for surely? Something tells me that there might be a conspiracy underlying this occurrence. But who is behind these ever growing new hypes about everything we seen in these consumer based economies? What could be the motive? World domination ?

Is this year really a happy new year??

What do you think??



  1. MillarDKits · February 9, 2015

    Hey ER, how’ve you been? Know you’ve been too busy to blog much lately (I can relate). Given that our environment reliably works in cycles, I believe that marking the New Year is a good thing, at least when it comes to doing so together as a ritual act to mutually acknowledge that we’ve all embarked on another free trip around the sun (always a good remark to someone not thrilled about “celebrating” another birthday). The yearly cycle’s one of those rare things most people can agree on and much better to contemplate than death and taxes. I’d rather have it mark the beginning of spring to better represent the feeling of renewal though there’d be a problem between the Northern and Southern hemisphere’s about the date. The January 1st date though, along with Christmas, feels like were chosen to create a happy festival that helps people get over the start of the coldest and darkest time of the year rather than truly marking what those events represent.


    • Evolving ruminations · February 20, 2015

      Hey! I had been in a working frenzy for a bit so that I could take my pre-planned holiday to attend a friends wedding (which was another entire tale in itself). But yeah after two months and a half months of sleep deprivation, here I am!! Ta-da! As far as the new year goes, I agree with what you say. Also marking it might indeed have a positive effect on your psyche and drive away that depression that usually looms over in the winter months but do we really need to go crazy? Isnt the point of any ‘celebration’ spending quality time woth the ones you love? That time, which is a luxury now a days??

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      • MillarDKits · February 20, 2015

        Funny that you managed to time your reply just after Chinese New Year! No, you don’t HAVE to go crazy on New Year’s, but enough people certainly want to! It does vary depending on where you are. It’s more like as you said quality time in Japan and more contemplative with many visiting shrines and temples to pray for good fortune in the New Year. I get both worlds here with the wild celebration New Year’s Eve, then the morning service at a Buddhist temple and family time next day. I remember starting the morning shift at a gas station New Year’s Day at 7:00 and not seeing any customers until 10:30. Glad to see you up and running again!


      • Evolving ruminations · February 20, 2015

        Hahaha, true that! Its amazing how we have new years at different times of the year across the world 😀 just reiterates the beautiful heterogeniety of this world we inhabit!! I’m glad you get the best of both worlds 😀 thats the way to go 😉 I usually end up having a night of crazy laughter with my family in NYE 😀 I’m definitely glad to be back!!


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