Suddenly a gleaming ray of light, bouncing off from inside the dull bookshelf greyed under decades of dust caught my eye, the shine beckoning me from the depths of eternity pulling me closer.

My curiosity escalated, shivers ran down my spine as I moved through the ancient rubble amidst the swelling cloud of dust and uncovered an aged black leather bound book with a beautifully intricate, mind-numbing spidery gold design, clasped shut with an antique brass lock, titled in calligraphic letters – ‘ The forgotten history of the world.’

Forever enticed by the fatal attraction for the mysterious realms, I walked back to the shopkeeper and hastily, albeit with mixed emotions parted with a hefty portion of my meagre pocket money making the object of my new found excitement all mine!

With shaking hands I took the key, walked out of the antique bookshop into a sunny afternoon and promptly found a safe haven under the cooling shadow of a tree in a deserted park to unravel the secrets of the globe.

As my unsteady hands unlocked the book and frantically broke open the clasp, releasing its contents to the world, I was dumbfounded to find series after series of empty pages- all blank, forgotten!

In response to :

Five Sentence Fiction – Forgotten

This week’s word: FORGOTTEN


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