Weekly ten-word story challenge

I discovered a new weekly writing challenge on Esther Newton’s Blog. It’s a fairly straight-forward (does not mean easy though) challenge.

Challenge: Write a ten-word story, using the words ‘bamboozled’, ‘banoffee’, ‘Horatio’, ‘afro’ and ‘twerk’.

Here are my entries:

Horatio bamboozled a banoffee pie while twerking in his afro.

The bamboozled banoffee pie made Horatio twerk his afro.

While twerking, Horatio bamboozled a banoffee pie in his afro.


Haiku Challenge #41 : Need and tatter

This week’s haiku challenge from Ronovan is a very interesting combination indeed! The prompt words include’ tatter’ and ‘need’ which form a very interesting combination and I’ve managed two attempts.


The gluttonous need,

driving my mind to tatters,

the urgent need to poo.


‘Twas not her need but,

the ravenous worldly greed, 

drove him to tatters. 

Haiku Challenge 38 – rest & ill

It’s easter weekend and with all the ‘extra’ time, I’ve attempted to write haikus twice for the last week’s haiku challenge! However, being the brilliant genius me, I completely forgot to post it *groans*! Anyway, here they are:

Life and Death- a haiku

A happy illness,

the tragedy that is life,

rest at last in death.

The love affair
Love-sick moon spins round,
the earth in a restless rut,
reels round the sun, but.
Hope you’ve had a good easter!