Weekly ten-word story challenge

I discovered a new weekly writing challenge on Esther Newton’s Blog. It’s a fairly straight-forward (does not mean easy though) challenge.

Challenge: Write a ten-word story, using the words ‘bamboozled’, ‘banoffee’, ‘Horatio’, ‘afro’ and ‘twerk’.

Here are my entries:

Horatio bamboozled a banoffee pie while twerking in his afro.

The bamboozled banoffee pie made Horatio twerk his afro.

While twerking, Horatio bamboozled a banoffee pie in his afro.


Haiku Challenge 38 – rest & ill

It’s easter weekend and with all the ‘extra’ time, I’ve attempted to write haikus twice for the last week’s haiku challenge! However, being the brilliant genius me, I completely forgot to post it *groans*! Anyway, here they are:

Life and Death- a haiku

A happy illness,

the tragedy that is life,

rest at last in death.

The love affair
Love-sick moon spins round,
the earth in a restless rut,
reels round the sun, but.
Hope you’ve had a good easter!