Weekly Haiku Challenge #42 : Love and last

This week’s haiku challenge from Ronovan included the words Love and last. The prompt words immediately conjured up lots of images and I was quite excited to attempt them. I even managed to include a haiku dedicated to waffles!!

Writer’s inspiration

To write, I set you

free – you stupidly returned;

Alas, our love will last.

Teenage love

“Our love, tests shall pass;

but you got a new boyfriend,

oops, that did not last!



Rich belgian waffle,

not a moment does it last,

fleeting taste of love.


Weekly ten-word story challenge

I discovered a new weekly writing challenge on Esther Newton’s Blog. It’s a fairly straight-forward (does not mean easy though) challenge.

Challenge: Write a ten-word story, using the words ‘bamboozled’, ‘banoffee’, ‘Horatio’, ‘afro’ and ‘twerk’.

Here are my entries:

Horatio bamboozled a banoffee pie while twerking in his afro.

The bamboozled banoffee pie made Horatio twerk his afro.

While twerking, Horatio bamboozled a banoffee pie in his afro.


Suddenly a gleaming ray of light, bouncing off from inside the dull bookshelf greyed under decades of dust caught my eye, the shine beckoning me from the depths of eternity pulling me closer.

My curiosity escalated, shivers ran down my spine as I moved through the ancient rubble amidst the swelling cloud of dust and uncovered an aged black leather bound book with a beautifully intricate, mind-numbing spidery gold design, clasped shut with an antique brass lock, titled in calligraphic letters – ‘ The forgotten history of the world.’

Forever enticed by the fatal attraction for the mysterious realms, I walked back to the shopkeeper and hastily, albeit with mixed emotions parted with a hefty portion of my meagre pocket money making the object of my new found excitement all mine!

With shaking hands I took the key, walked out of the antique bookshop into a sunny afternoon and promptly found a safe haven under the cooling shadow of a tree in a deserted park to unravel the secrets of the globe.

As my unsteady hands unlocked the book and frantically broke open the clasp, releasing its contents to the world, I was dumbfounded to find series after series of empty pages- all blank, forgotten!

In response to :

Five Sentence Fiction – Forgotten

This week’s word: FORGOTTEN

House on Fire

Erin woke up coughing, being strangled by the murderous hands of a thick smoke. The acrid vapours burned her watering eyes as she tried to peer some sense through the haze of the vapour filled room. A piercing cry of pain jolted her to reality as she realised the house was on fire. Frightened and still shocked, she stumbled out of the bed sheets, still choking, ran towards the bedroom door. Halfway through the fuming corridor, lit in golden flames, she remembered her ‘Apocalypse kit’ – the kit she had prepared for whenever disaster struck. “Oh! I need to get that!!” Breathing heavily through her palm-covered mouth, she made her way back to the room.

She could barely discern the outline of the giant king size bed amidst the rapidly building smoke laden with the stench of burning wood and paint. Hastily she kneeled, the heated floor burning against her knees and fished blindly for the kit in the chasm of dark smouldering vapour. Tears welled in her in her eyes, from the smoke and despair; she was just about to give up when her hand brushed against the rough fabric of the bag. In the blink of an eye, she grabbed the bag and was up on her feet, perspiring heavily. Hurriedly, yet cautiously, she made her way back through the corridor, down the stairs and ran out the front door for her life as the jaws of deadly flames lapped at her feet.

Charred and covered with soot, she stumbled into the front garden welcomed by her favourite pooch; Fluffy ran up to her – a ball of fur, wagging tail and a wet tongue and soothingly licked her soot-covered, tear stained face. James jumped out of the recently approached car and hugged Erin, relieved to find her safe – still gazing worriedly at the house, now engulfed in fire, emitting bright orange-yellow sparks and spewing out noxious fumes. He had received a call while he was on his late night shift and had rushed home. Thankfully, all he held precious was safe. Emotions overwhelmed him and he weeped of relief, joy and thankfulness.

Meanwhile, Erin looked down at the blackened blue bundle of zipped fabric clutched with white-knuckled fists – her apocalypse kit. The sight of the bag took her back to the day she had made it. She had seen on the television, a reality show documenting the story of a family that survived a fire. Their entire life had been snatched away by the disaster. The experience had left her shuddering, The thought of losing all her memories, her life, sent chills down her spine. She had decided then, she would be prepared for the day should any ill-fortune ever befall her. Taking her favourite backpack, she had made her apocalypse kit – it consisted of all the things that would give her hope for times to come. It had a photo of her with her parents when she was 8 years old, a ceramic zebra gifted by her sister when she came out of the hospital and a letter written to her by her father just before he died. As an afterthought, she had put in their passports, some money, energy bars and a bottle of water.

Her thoughts were interrupted when James shook her to reality and the sirens of the firetruck came blaring into her consciousness.  It was only when the cold January night wind brushed against her body and she looked down at her underwear-clad body that realised- she had forgotten to wear any clothes!!!

In response to :

Burning Down the House

Your home is on fire. Grab five items (assume all people and animals are safe). What did you grab?


Remember this prompt, when your home was on fire and you got to save five items? That means you left a lot of stuff behind. What are the things you wish you could have taken, but had to leave behind?

Is new year such a really big deal?

This year was the first time in my life when I actually experienced a laid back NYE. To be honest, I wasn’t pleased with the idea at all but when the time came, I realised that I did quite enjoy spending quality time with people who really matter.

Next morning, while still revelling in the fluffy feeling, I made the mistake of opening my Facebook page. In an instant my computer screen was flooded with posts of people celebrating amidst random strangers, wishing 2014 goodbye as if it was a dearly loved friend and posting up their resolutions/expectations for the coming new year.

All this barrage of unwanted information got me thinking, is new year really that big a deal?? I mean if you want to party, do you really need a reason such as a new year? Or do you really need to wait till the beginning of a new year to decide a new model-self that you resolve to be (only to break it two days later!). Is the new year really a new beginning? Why should our lives be ruled by the calendars – that’s not what they were invented for surely? Something tells me that there might be a conspiracy underlying this occurrence. But who is behind these ever growing new hypes about everything we seen in these consumer based economies? What could be the motive? World domination ?

Is this year really a happy new year??

What do you think??

Short life!

Daily Prompt: No Time to Waste

Fill in the blank: “Life is too short to _____.” Now, write a post telling us how you’ve come to that conclusion. (Thanks for suggesting this prompt, theempathyqueen!)

Well, since you’ve asked me (you know you are going to regret this!! ), here’s what I think:

“Life’s too short to hold your farts !! Just let go and move on(unless you want to be engulfed in a nebula of toxic fumes)! ”

“Life’s too short to remove a USB drive safely.”

“Life’s too short to charge your phone fully in one go.” ( That’s why I  always carry my charger! )

“Life’s too short to restart your computer right now ! ”

“Life’s too short – shut up and eat your waffles !!”

“Life’s too short -” *drops dead! *

* doesn’t even bother replying to the prompt – too busy eating waffles! *


If you are not too busy gobbling up your waffles before life ends, feel free to add your own one liners. I’ll include them in this post :

Additional one liners from fellow wafflers:

Emerald darkness

Halloween special!! My first attempt at some serious fiction, I hope you enjoy it!


The smell of the damp night laden with malice stung her nostrils.

She found herself crouching on the asphalt of a dark alley surrounded by skyscrapers with eerily gouged windows. Before her mind could comprehend the fix she was plunged in, a terrifying unearthly scream iced the night air. Peering out from the corner of her adrumbal haven, like a hypnotised prey she stared, transfixed by the spectacle unravelling beneath the lamp post. On the ground lay a mangled form- now motionless, soulless in a nebulous pool of death. Unbelieving, wrinkled wide eyes stared blank with fear and mouth open was frozen mid scream; the horrific expression of the petrified face in the ground sent chills down her spine while the ferrous stench of blood, mingled with the curse of ungratified savages and burned inside her making her tremble.

Rising above the corpse, like a haunting melody, stood a towering silhouette; a formidable presence against the pitch melancholy of the night enfolding a lethal blade dripping lifeblood. Licking the last silvery drops of the shimmering soul off her blood-red lips she contemptously murmured, ” It would have been a lot easier for you if you had just agreed to give me your youth. Now you are too many pieces of far too old.” The juvenescent vixen threw her long dark haired head back and laughed maniacally; the resounding cackle heard by those six feet under. A gash across her tilted right cheek, the only corporeal feature against the marble of her skin, was illuminated under the light.

Without warning she stopped and abruptly spun around – the baleful lance clutched close to her bosom as the bright green eyes pierced into the darkness of the shadows. She sniffed the air like a hunting wolf while her eyes, fixed at the alley, blazed with predatory ravenousness, ready to strike its prey. “Aha, who have we here, another prize! Come out of the darkness darling.” She hissed, her voice letting escape the baseness of her soul. With a loud metallic clank of her heel, echoing against the deafening silence of the murk, she took a step towards the alley.

Back in the shadows, she stumbled back, moving closer to the heart of the murk, trying to make herself unseen. Terror filled her mind and fearful tears streamed down her cheeks while she scurried to get away from the advancing threat. Out of no where she found her back pushing against a wall- surrounded. No! she pounded with her fists against the wall, she was too young to die. No, not like this – it was far too soon. She didnt ask for this!! With her heart throbbing in her ears she tried to erode the walls with her hands. She whimpered in pain as her fingers bled and knees grazed, but she continued scraping in vain at the unrelenting fortification trying to find escape. The long black shadow of the medusa advanced, engulfing her little crouched form with its cold. She turned around, her lower lip quivering with fear. “Please- no, please … I beg you.. Please..” The words failed to leave her mouth and her throat dried as she gaped, her mouth hanging half open, as the face of the peril came into view. The moment her terrified gaze locked with the emerald stare, she found herself being violently sucked into a swift endless void.

Suddenly a shriek pierced her ears and she jerked up from the darkness in pain shielding her ears from her own voice. Blinded by the light and drenched in sweat, she shivered vigorously from the cold. She felt as if someone had plunged her head in the dreary depths of ice water refusing to let go. Breathlessly, she looked around at the covers, grasping and clutching – white knuckled- the irresolute feathery downs to affirm the resoluteness of reality. As her palms caressed the surface of the softness, relief doused over her fear parched mind. “Thank god, it was only a dream!” She whispered, her eyes filled with tears of joy at the extrication of the gloom.

Groggily pulling herself out of the warmth, she flinched as the cold sting of stone against her foot rang in her ears. Catching hold of the bedpost, she steadied herself. Once on her feet, she grabbed the vaporous fabric of her silk robe she hugged herself tighter, a flailing  attempt at retaining the quickly dissipating warmth, and walked towards the bathroom. As she leaned over the sink- slowly raising her head- she scrutinised her own reflection in the mirror that stared back at her through emerald eyes with the familiar murderous, hunting look, the red lips curving into a malicious smile.

She flung back her long dark hair, her beautiful face marred by a scar, and laughed…..