Weekly Haiku Challenge #42 : Love and last

This week’s haiku challenge from Ronovan included the words Love and last. The prompt words immediately conjured up lots of images and I was quite excited to attempt them. I even managed to include a haiku dedicated to waffles!!

Writer’s inspiration

To write, I set you

free – you stupidly returned;

Alas, our love will last.

Teenage love

“Our love, tests shall pass;

but you got a new boyfriend,

oops, that did not last!



Rich belgian waffle,

not a moment does it last,

fleeting taste of love.


Haiku Challenge 38 – rest & ill

It’s easter weekend and with all the ‘extra’ time, I’ve attempted to write haikus twice for the last week’s haiku challenge! However, being the brilliant genius me, I completely forgot to post it *groans*! Anyway, here they are:

Life and Death- a haiku

A happy illness,

the tragedy that is life,

rest at last in death.

The love affair
Love-sick moon spins round,
the earth in a restless rut,
reels round the sun, but.
Hope you’ve had a good easter!

Place I want to be

My heart seeks that place,

where the mind finds solace;

the soul is freed,

of the chains – unbodied;

liberated from the judging scorn,

a new creature born;

where wings can fly,

without thoughts wry;

the land where I can be me,

that is the place where I want to be!

In response to 

Daily prompt: Places

Beach, mountain, forest, or somewhere else entirely?

Mastering the master?

Just came across this little piece which describes the writing anxiety that has constantly been on my mind; even more so since I started blogging and my writing became public.

” When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in a rather scornful tone, “it means just what I chose it to mean – neither more nor less.” 

“The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.”

 “The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master – that’s all.”

– Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There

It’s quite a steep learning curve, but I definitely am seeing language in a different light. Hopefully, my effort will pay off and I will improve.  Anyone facing similar issues????

Travelling blues?

I began this new year with a chaotic, overflowing schedule; which by no means I was going to be able to keep up with. You ask the reason why? I have been invited to a friend’s grand wedding in the sun (obviously – I am a big deal you see). This meant that I would be flying across half the world in the last week of the very first month of the year!! A holiday tailing another – I’m on a roll! Anyway, whilst I was busy rolling, I also had a mountain of work to finish and loads of deadlines to get through before I could unplug myself from the ever-so-permanently-leaching-my-life-force of a menace called a job/work/whatever you do to survive.

By burning the midnight oil, I was able to get through most of the deadlines, the rest I decided could either wait or my boss could finish them herself if she ran out of patience (a scenario which exists only in my dreams). However, this was one of the few times where I constantly kept feeling as if I was missing something. This led my OCD driven self to make several lists and lists of lists of things to finish. These so called “lists” got so long that by the time the day if my departure arrived, I was severely sleep deprived, haggard, edging towards albinism, high-on-adrenaline maniac (okay maybe the albinism is an exaggeration – but you get the point).

Only the thought of frolicking in the sun kept me on my feet. I had it all planned – I will push myself till I am on my night flight and then collapse the moment my bum touches the seat – ten hours of blissful dreaming. But fate had decided to play the devil and ruin all my severely scrutinised plans! I left my house early, reached the airport – on time, only to find out that my flight had been CANCELLED! Just like that! No text, no email update, no phone call – I had travelled three hours for nothing! Determined not to give up, I grabbed a replacement option of the first flight out with both my hands whilst the airlines tried to arrange accommodation for the night. I checked in all my bags with the airline and thinking I had it all sorted, clambered on to the coach looking forward to a good nights sleep.

But when do I ever do things the straight way? While on the coach, the crazy wheels in my head began churning and I started to analyse the new situation; that’s when things got worse! I realised that my new schedule meant I would be spending another whole night at an airport to catch my connecting flight! I was appalled, I had a WEDDING to attend – I would be missing a part of it this way! The SUN was awaiting my presence. I could not wait any longer! As soon as I reached the Inn, I contacted the reception and tried to get in touch with airlines to assess my other options. But all my efforts were in vain, for no one would answer the damned phone. Frustrated, I decided to go back to the airport before the office closed and confront them in person.

Luckily I managed to get a shuttle bus to the airport and I rushed out of the bus, rushing up the stairs like the wind. Out of breath, I barely managed to reach the counter and pant out my issues when the bespectacled lady draped her coat, looked sharply and informed me “I’m sorry, we just closed… You will have to wait till morning to get your bags if you want to cancel your travel. ”

“No…no…please…something must be done…” I begged and pleaded, but to no avail. This basically meant taking another airline was out of the option as I would reach even later than my current twelve hour delayed flight. Resigned to fate, I trudged back toward the coach information desk. That’s when I realised – in my hurry, I had forgotten to pick up the address of the Inn where the airline had stationed us and much to my luck, there were only four inns with the same name around the airport! Now I was stuck in the freezing cold, clad in only a summer jacket and I didn’t know which bus to take! After talking to two of the four bus drivers, I managed to ascertain with a certain degree of confidence that it was the third bus that I needed to take. So at 9.45 pm I decided to take the plunge and got on what I thought was the right bus. Luckily for me there was another lost soul who boarded the same bus and was supposed to take the same flight as me.

The bus passed the different stops and with each passing stop my heart beat just a little faster, what if this wasn’t the right bus? I didn’t want to go back out in the cold, I was already tired and my adrenaline was wearing off. Thankfully though, the stop before the last was the correct one. With the spring back in my step, I hurried to the check-in desk grabbed my room keys – just in time for dinner. Hurriedly, I gulped half chewed pieces of food down my throat, washing them down with queer tasting orange juice. With my grumbling stomach now silenced, I headed to my room; plopped on my bed and fell into a disturbed sleep haunted by dreams of me missing my flight. When my alarm finally rang after four hours, I stretched into reality, glad for the short yet much reliving break from the rush.

All in all, I managed to get on my flight on time, get a part of the sleep that I had planned, despite it being the wrong time of the day. Landing at the airport, I felt a bit braver, more confident of my connecting flight and despite the long wait ahead my spirits were uplifted thinking of what lay at the end of the journey. Snaking through the airport immigration, customs and all the elaborate security measures, I reach the next terminal only to find out the even my connecting flight has been delayed!!!! This meant that I had to spend an additional seven hours at the airport in the night, making it a grand total of 36 hours of being on the move!

So, now as I sit gazing at a larger than life banner of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge driving me “off the edge”, I am thinking -“I am quite sure I have read somewhere that travelling is important; it reminds you of the value of those everyday things that you tend to take for granted” – I, surprisingly, am missing my heavily warm, claustrophobic but short daily trips in the tube and the feel of my cappuccino splashing against the warmed recycled cup of restraint. Hmmm.. back to gazing at random strangers now.


Is new year such a really big deal?

This year was the first time in my life when I actually experienced a laid back NYE. To be honest, I wasn’t pleased with the idea at all but when the time came, I realised that I did quite enjoy spending quality time with people who really matter.

Next morning, while still revelling in the fluffy feeling, I made the mistake of opening my Facebook page. In an instant my computer screen was flooded with posts of people celebrating amidst random strangers, wishing 2014 goodbye as if it was a dearly loved friend and posting up their resolutions/expectations for the coming new year.

All this barrage of unwanted information got me thinking, is new year really that big a deal?? I mean if you want to party, do you really need a reason such as a new year? Or do you really need to wait till the beginning of a new year to decide a new model-self that you resolve to be (only to break it two days later!). Is the new year really a new beginning? Why should our lives be ruled by the calendars – that’s not what they were invented for surely? Something tells me that there might be a conspiracy underlying this occurrence. But who is behind these ever growing new hypes about everything we seen in these consumer based economies? What could be the motive? World domination ?

Is this year really a happy new year??

What do you think??

Return from the dead

Hello readership !!

Apologies for my rude absence but I was neck deep in work and deadlines managed to get better of me ! But anyway, here I am, back again – hopefully, regular this time around !! Looking forward to catching up with you all !!

See you around !!


Philosophy of life – views of a cafe owner

Considering my busy, panicked , stressful and ever-so-busy schedule, which I made so obvious in my previous post, I was rushing towards work today, my attention was heavily focussed on minimising the time of a journey which I’d taken a million times already and assessed, evaluated and practised the most efficient route of travel. In the midst of this stretching my brain to the limits of its introspective endurance for the shave of a few milliseconds, I suddenly heard a loud rumble! The growling steadily grew louder with each step and I realised it wasn’t an elusive dog trying to distract me – it was in fact my stomach!

For all the preparedness, commitment and efficiency that I vowed to practise, I had forgotten one key element – my hunger! To keep a happy me, my stomach must be fed ! My promenading came to a stop as my brain lost its speeding endeavour and my head gaped frantically from left to right in search for an energy boost – something to quench the pangs of hunger clawing away at my soul!  Suddenly, out of nowhere, popped out an Italian eatery – the mere sight a happy carnival to my famished eyesight. Like the road runner I zoomed into the eatery and panted out my order of a Mocha and a ginormous falafel and a salad ciabatta, humous dribbling from the sides ( I’m trying to eat healthy – obviously. But the giant size of the sandwich? What size?  Size is just a state of mind! Bah). As the sweet aroma of the coffee mingled with the heavenly grilled scent of the ciabatta filled the air, the cafe owner, on seeing my stress crumpled face, he took pity on me and asked me how my day was. The conversation that followed was quite unexpected and my punctuality went out of the window!

Cafe owner (CO) : “How is your day? You all right? ”

Me: “Sort of, going to work today…”

CO: “Work ? On a weekend?”

Me: *sighs heavily* “Yes, it was the same last weekend, I’ve been working 12 hour days the rest of the week too !”

CO: “Oh dear, you must be tired !”

Me: “Yeah, how is your day? Hopefully better than mine, I know you are working but… ”

CO : “It’s actually quite today, its crazy on weekends!!”

Me: “Yeah, I imagine it must be ! The queues here at lunch time are insane – I once brought a friend in this area for lunch and we ended up waiting for a whole hour !”

CO: * worried look* “Was it my shop?”

Me: “No, it was some place on the other side of the station !”

CO: * visibly relaxes* “Oh , good, because usually here we aim to serve our customers in no more than 5 minutes – my staff  and I work diligently on that ! It’s important to take care of customers.”

Me: “Oh, that’s fantastic, you seem to have good  staff, its difficult to find reliable people these days, one of my friend has a lot of trouble hiring people she can depend on for her shop!”

CO: ” Yes I agree, it has become difficult to find people reliable enough, not all hope is lost though, look at me. ” *grins* ” tell your friend that !”

Me: “Yes, I will, but I guess its important to treat your staff well too she says, otherwise no one stays!”

CO: “Well, your friend is very very true, its important to keep your staff happy, but don’t go overboard with it! You need to keep track of your business too – if you are paying more than you get, its clearly missing something! think don’t be blind.”

Me: ” Yes, especially in this lace, where you have so much competition, a cafe around every corner! ”

CO: ” Yes, you need to keep up. You need to keep your eyes and ears open, if something is not right with your business you need to correct it and if its not working out, be practical- stop it, go work for someone else – its pretty much the same.”

Me: ” You seem to have thought about things (and people) a lot! What’s your philosophy in life?”

CO: ” It’s quite simple, really. Treat your customers and your staff well – its important to treat people well in life, we live in a world of people, you cannot escape them.”

Me: ” That’s profound, thanks for the interesting talk and great coffee!”

I smiled as I walked my way towards the station, my thoughts going back to his philosophy of life – treat your customers and staff well. This can be applied to a lot of things in life, especially our relationships where our loved ones are our customers and staff at the same time – it’s important to treat them well but not to go overboard, its important to be practical in life – if something is not right, figure out what and try to fix it and if it cant be fixed, move on!

What an enlightening coffee today – who knew I’d learn something so profound?  Oh damn, I’m 30 mins late * starts running*